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//  Origin:  Philadelphia, PA
//  Genres:  Americana
//  Years Active:  2020- Present
//  Independent Artist
Short Bio

essie + nap are an Americana blues duo based in Philadelphia. The duo is composed of powerhouse vocalist Essie Riddle and guitar/bassist/vocalist, Andrew Napoli. The award winning duo has been active since April 2021. One of their initial releases, "Long Distance Lover," was well received by listeners, gaining almost a million views on social platforms. 


"Riddle’s rich voice is a force to be reckoned with as she proclaims, “my phone is my lifeline / with you on my mind.” A smoky guitar riff and a yearning bassline have the same sting as a declined call."

-WXPN, The Key

"The song is a powerhouse of vocals and guitar, really digging in to that angst in a relationship that should be more requited than it actually is."

-Adobe & Teardrops

"2020 may have left an odd void in music, but plenty of artists filled up the space with new projects that may have not otherwise happened. Take, for instance, the creation of essie + nap."

-WXPN, The Key



PHONE:  (304) 421-3715

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